SMC History 1999 – 2003

26/06/18 - Astel Communications Sarl, Hilomast LLC, Sir Ranulph Fiennes... Lots happened during this short period of time.  It was decided that SMC would close the doors to its amateur retail business to concentrate on its core business in manufacturing communication systems for the military, government and commercial markets. In 2003, SMC were pleased to acquire Astel [...]

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SMC 60 Years – All Day Party at Beaulieu

25/06/18 - Celebrations at Beaulieu National Motor Museum As you will no doubt be aware, this year we're celebrating our 60th anniversary. To celebrate this momentous milestone, employees, past and present, who have been involved in the company's success, came together for a day and evening at Beaulieu National Motor Museum. [...]

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Bespoke Winch Operated Pivoting Mast System – Video

19/06/18 - Bespoke Winch Operated Pivoting Mast System - Youtube video • No longer necessary to climb a ladder to maintain or change head load equipment • Single person operation • Manufactured to fit any vehicle • Lightweight yet strong design • Mast and framework can be sprayed or anodised to match vehicle   [...]

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Bespoke Mast System – Concept to Reality!

12/06/18 – Bespoke winch operated pivoting mast system SMC were approached recently and asked to design, manufacture and install a bespoke winch operated pivoting mast system, which would allow an operator to remove and maintain, quite often large and heavy head load equipment, without the need to climb up a ladder. We [...]

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High frequency (HF) radios – back to earth

11/06/18 – Bringing communications back down to earth The following text, written by our partners at White Wolf Systems, was recently published in AFCEA Signal Magazine and highlights the importance of HF Communications: "High frequency radios can bridge a beyond-line-of-sight gap during operations in contested environments With the development [...]

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SMC Sponsor charity bike ride in vietnam

05/06/18 – '100 nautical miles for 100 years’ On 5/6 May 2018, to mark the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Air Force (RAF), British Embassy Defence Section and FCO staff, along with colleagues from other Missions in Vietnam, undertook a gruelling 100 nautical mile (= 185.2 kilometres) bicycle ride to raise money for the [...]

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SMC Celebrating 60 years: 1988-1998

04/06/2018 - Celebrating 60 years: 1988-1998 Continuing a theme of highlighting our history in decades; during 1988 - 1998, BBC TV News televised SMC personnel making an historic two-way radio contact with the first Briton in Space, Helen Sharman, whilst she was on board the MIR Space Station. We also acquired AEL Communications and [...]

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