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SMC was established in 1958 and initially specialised in antenna support masts, towers and HF antennas. SMC is now
recognised globally as a specialist communications company.
Over the last 50 years the SMC product range has grown to include pneumatic telescopic masts, aluminium lattice masts, high-
level photography solutions, Mil’ specification antenna positioners and two way radio products including GPS, AVLS and data
SMC are able to advise, design, supply and install mobile
communications systems, from simple to more complex
and integrated networks.
Standards At SMC
Our commitment to quality has always taken priority and
much of the success can be attributed to this policy being
implemented in every aspect of our business. In-house
technical, research, development and test facilities are
manned by a team of experienced engineers continually
advancing our product ranges to meet the rapidly
advancing market requirements.
We transform customer concepts into reality and are
heavily involved in changing the face of the industry.
The same pursuit of quality is found in every aspect of the business from manufacturing and quality control through to
administration, delivery and after sales service.
SMC has ISO 9001 International Quality Assured status and products conform to relevant international standards including
applicable MIL STD 810E tests as required by the defence industry.
Across The World
SMC operating throughout the world markets including the Americas, Africa, the Middle and Far East, the Pacific Rim, Europe
and developing countries. Our customers include those in the following sectors: Military, Security, Aid agencies, Petro-chemical,
Exploration, Marine and Broadcasting.
Customer Relations
SMC is a well-established name in the industry and we still believe in personal service. Every care is taken to advise customers
on the most suitable system or product for their particular requirements. Bespoke systems can be tailor made to suit individual
needs, however large or small the order may be.
Our Future
The very nature of communications and its rapidly advancing technology
dictates the same commitment SMC has to quality as it does to
substantial investment in the future of the industry. The customer,
however, will remain at the forefront of our business and continue to
shape the course of communications development within SMC and the
SMC - Many Years Experience