“Whiskey” – Broadband NVIS Antenna

Its strong NVIS (Near Vertical Incidence Skywave) capabilities allow for communications over mountainous/jungle terrain and its full 2-30 Mhz spectrum broadband coverage makes it an excellent antenna for ALE operations without the need for a tuner/coupler. Radial ground plane or grounding is not required making the antenna ideal for ground/rooftop installations and mobile “on the …

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Fixed NVIS Loop Antenna

SMC have two versions of fixed station loop antennas  available, which operate on both NVIS and long distance sky-wave propagation modes across 3-30MHz: • A wire element loop with 3m sides • A solid element loop with 2.5m sides Both offer similarly high efficiencies. These are ideal for use where space is limited, and rival …

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Mobile NVIS Loop Antenna

Traditional vertical whip’ antennas fitted to vehicles for high-frequency communication suffer from a ‘skip zone’, where little or no communication is obtainable in a given area.

The SMC Mobile HF Loop Antenna, developed for NVIS communication across 3-15MHz, overcomes these limitations by having high radiation efficiency and no skip zone whatsoever.