Meet SMC: Janice Blaxall - Head of Corporate Clients - SMC - Antenna and Mast Specialists

Meet SMC: Janice Blaxall – Head of Corporate Clients

Janice is one of our sales managers and hails from The Emerald Isle. Having previously worked in HR and recruitment, Janice joined SMC in 2020 after turning her talents to sales.

Janice loves forming and developing new business connections and partnerships. She also enjoys the thrill of signing new contracts, onboarding new clients and managing their projects from conception to completion.

Recent SMC Project: Bumblebee mobile mast

One of Janice’s most recent projects at SMC was overseeing the development of a specialist mobile mast for a leading defense technology company.

Due to the types of testing the company provides, it was looking to source masts made from non-conductive materials and were mobile – so that it could be moved and positioned around an aircraft.

Janice assigned the project to SMC’s in-house design team, who considered the brief and in response created the SMC Bumblebee mast.

The Bumblebee is bright yellow, easy to spot and constructed from glass fiber reinforced plastic which is a nonconductive material.

The masts have the option for wheels or stabilizing legs, depending on the requirement, and are CE marked to comply with CE legislation.

The end result is a specialist mast that offers mobility, visibility and versatility. Folding down to a size so compact it can fit into the boot space of an SUV (packed down it’s 1.3m in length), within minutes the high-vis Bumblebee mast can be erected by one person to a maximum height of 4.6m.

Moreover, the Bumblebee can be used for a wide-variety of applications; from facial recognition and CCTV at festivals and sports events, to pop-up telecoms and vulnerability testing for the defense industry.

Whilst the pandemic has brought about a number of challenges for Janice and her team, these have not diminished her passion for what she does:

“The job is truly rewarding. I thoroughly enjoy the buzz from sales and staff development. SMC has a keen drive to develop its team and push them beyond their comfort zones. It’s an excellent place to work if you want to develop your skills with a talented group of colleagues.”

Sharing what she likes most about working at SMC, Janice says it’s the clients:

“We have excellent customers and building on those relationships through trust is something that I really enjoy. It feels incredibly rewarding to know that customers return to SMC because of the service we provide and the quality of our work.”

Outside of SMC, Janice enjoys being a working mum and cooking, and loves nothing more than combining the two: getting messy in the kitchen with her young children and making memories.

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