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The Power of Proactive Mast Servicing

Masts are critical infrastructure that enables reliable wireless communication, broadcasting, data transmission and a whole lot more.

These towering structures support antennas and equipment that facilitate our interconnected world. These may be installed permanently at sports stadiums, for short-term military operations or perhaps something more temporary, such as at ad hoc community events.

To keep your SMC mast in optimal condition, it’s crucial you regularly service it. Question is: why is it important to service, refurbish and maintain your mast?

Here are five key reasons to think about:

1. Prevent downtime

A well-maintained mast minimises the risk of outages. Malfunctions due to neglected maintenance, equipment failures, or environmental factors can lead to service disruptions, affecting businesses, emergency services, operations and individuals who rely on them. Timely servicing helps identify potential points of failure, allowing for proactive repairs or replacements, ultimately reducing downtime, and avoiding the negative impacts of such scenarios.

2. Comply with safety standards

Masts are subject to safety regulations and standards to protect both workers and the public. Neglecting servicing could compromise the structural integrity of the mast, leading to potential collapses or falling objects. Regular inspections and maintenance activities, including structural assessments, checking for corrosion and verifying anchor points, help ensure compliance with safety standards, minimising the risk of accidents and injuries.

3. Mitigate environmental risks

Masts are exposed to various environmental factors such as wind, lightning, and extreme temperatures. Although your mast is made from materials to help protect against such factors, failure to annually service your mast can increase its vulnerability. Regular maintenance, including grounding inspections and weatherproofing, helps mitigate potential damage caused by environmental elements, safeguarding the mast and the equipment it supports.

4. Ensure reliable communications

Masts play a pivotal role in providing uninterrupted wireless connectivity. Regular servicing helps identify and address issues that can disrupt communication, such as damaged antennas, faulty connectors, or degraded cables. By proactively maintaining and repairing these components, you can ensure that users receive consistent and reliable communications. SMC can help you with replacement components, servicing and maintenance.

5. Cost-effectiveness and future-proofing

Regular servicing of your mast can save you money in the long run. You’ve invested in quality craftmanship, materials and manufacturing, so reduce need for premature product replacement, minimise waste and your environmental impact by annually servicing your mast. When you’re proactive, you can identify and address small issues early on to prevent them from escalating into more significant problems that require costly repairs or replacements.


Avoid the consequences of poor mast maintenance and let SMC help you with your servicing needs. Choose from a range of SMC servicing options:

1. Request a self-service kit

Our service kits are designed to give you the freedom to maintain your mast on your own terms. Each kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions, enabling you to enhance the durability of your mast for many years.

2. Save yourself time and schedule an in-house service

Our skilled team can offer on-site maintenance services at our facilities located in the US and UK, providing you with convenience and assurance that your mast is mission ready. This saves you time and gives peace of mind.

Servicing your mast provides peace of mind, knowing that it is in optimal working condition and has been thoroughly inspected, giving you the confidence and satisfaction that your mast is still as good as it was on day one. Contact us today on +44 (0) 23 8024 6200 or discover how to maintain your mast here.

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