Tomorrow’s Engineer Week 2023:  Day 5  - SMC - Antenna and Mast Specialists

Tomorrow’s Engineer Week 2023:  Day 5 with our Lead Designer

Day 5 of our Q&A with our Lead Design Engineer for Tomorrow’s Engineers Week 2023.

1.  How do you approach ongoing learning and professional development to stay relevant in your area of expertise?

“Finding time to actively learn and professionally develop is difficult, there are only so many hours in the day. However, I find a lot of learning and development comes on the job, being new challenges from clients’ briefs, issues occurring with current products needing improvement or general challenges within the workplace.”


2.  How do you see the future of engineering evolving, and what opportunities or challenges do you anticipate for the next generation of engineers?

“As stated before, the world is constantly changing, and new challenges arise. Some will come with technological improvements, but some will close businesses. One problem I already see happening is the lack of younger people getting into manual machining with most smaller machine shops work force hitting retirement, therefore there is a real skill shortage within manufacturing. This will in turn increase prices for the processes and therefore products.”


3.  Can you share any advice for students or professionals looking to excel in the field of engineering, from networking to continuing education and personal development?

“One thing I have never shied away from is work experience/ offering to work for minimum pay/expenses. During my studies in the most unlikely of places, my hairdresser told me a client of their client ran the office for a local machine shop. After getting their number and an initial meet, I spent days in between studying at the machine shop, helping fulfil their orders including basic workshop tasks like setting and unloading of CNC machines, also had access to the manual machines to practice on. Although the work I was doing was basic, having exposure to the industry, asking engineers questions, etc, was all valuable experience, and although I wasn’t aiming to become a machinist for a career, understanding the manufacturing processes increased my ability to design for them.

Otherwise, any other advice would just be to try as much as possible, whether it’s a design or a conversation, you never know.”


4.  Do you have a message for aspiring engineers who may feel uncertain about pursuing a career in this field?

“As engineering is a vast industry there are many avenues to go down, and fortunately many transferable skills. Give it a go, what’s the worst that can happen?”


Tomorrow’s Engineer Week (6-10 November 2023) is an excellent opportunity to shine a spotlight on the amazing minds and talents that drive progress in our field.

It is an opportunity to help students explore the alignment of their skills and passions with the world of engineering and to shine a light on inspirational engineers and technicians, reshaping young people’s perceptions of the industry.

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