SMC Antenna Elements Available in Tan

13/01/16 - SMC Antenna Elements Now Available in Tan SMC now offer a range of antennas with elements in tan. Our portable antennas are proven to be rugged in the field and can be used in most situations with a high degree of success. We are continuously looking for ways to improve our product range, taking advantage of improved materials which [...]

SMC Antenna Elements Available in Tan2017-01-11T09:32:04+01:00

SMC launch compact Manpack HF/VHF antenna

06/01/16 - SMC launch compact Manpack HF/VHF antenna - the "Wolf Pup"! At just 9.25m (30ft approx.) in length, the ‘Wolf Pup’ covers an incredibly wide frequency range of 2-60MHz with a typical VSWR of 1.5:1. No antenna tuner is required which makes it ideal for manpack use with battery powered transportable radios. Rated at [...]

SMC launch compact Manpack HF/VHF antenna2017-01-11T09:32:05+01:00

“Whiskey” – Broadband NVIS Antenna

21/10/15 – “Whiskey” - (US Pat. D706749)  Broadband NVIS Antenna The Whiskey (US Pat. D706749), or “W” antenna is designed as a local, regional  to continental (0-4000km) coverage antenna intended for High Frequency Communications. It is an 0mni-directional horizontally polarized system. Typical use is for disaster and rapid deployment scenarios. Its strong NVIS (Near Vertical Incidence [...]

“Whiskey” – Broadband NVIS Antenna2017-01-11T09:32:07+01:00

‘25W Wolf’ Manpack HF Antennas

16/09/15 – ‘25W Wolf’ and ‘Wolf Pup’ Transportable HF Antennas Based on the higher power ‘Wolf’ antenna which is currently in worldwide use, the 25W Wolf and ‘Wolf Pup’ antennas have been designed for use where light weight and rapid deployment are needed, along with an extended frequency range up to 60MHz, typically for battery [...]

‘25W Wolf’ Manpack HF Antennas2017-01-11T09:32:08+01:00
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