Testing the Broadcast (BR) Telescopic Pneumatic Mast Series

20/08/18 - Broadcast Mast with Internal Cable The internal cable BR telescopic pneumatic mast series was specifically designed for the ENG vehicle market, where high head-loads are required or where maximum directional stability is necessary. Standard Features: The use of highly accurate drawn aluminium tube ensures optimum seal performance and minimum leakage. A full [...]

Testing the Broadcast (BR) Telescopic Pneumatic Mast Series2018-08-29T12:14:32+01:00

FM Series – Telescopic Pneumatic Lighting Mast

14/08/18 - FM Series range is designed for floodlight use The FM series of telescopic pneumatic masts were designed primarily for lighting applications. A coiled cable enters the mast through a special gland in the base and extends inside the mast to the top, where it exits into a junction box for lighting or [...]

FM Series – Telescopic Pneumatic Lighting Mast2018-08-29T12:11:07+01:00

SWIFT Series Telescopic Pneumatic Mast

25/07/18 - Portable radio communications and antenna testing The Pneumatic Telescopic SWIFT Mast Series is quickly becoming the go-to mast for portable radio communications and antenna testing. The lightweight yet robust mast can be pneumatically or manually operated, for use in a variety of applications, including lighting and CCTV. More information CLICK HERE [...]

SWIFT Series Telescopic Pneumatic Mast2018-07-25T11:01:25+01:00

Bespoke Winch Operated Pivoting Mast System – Video

19/06/18 - Bespoke Winch Operated Pivoting Mast System - Youtube video • No longer necessary to climb a ladder to maintain or change head load equipment • Single person operation • Manufactured to fit any vehicle • Lightweight yet strong design • Mast and framework can be sprayed or anodised to match vehicle   [...]

Bespoke Winch Operated Pivoting Mast System – Video2018-06-19T11:40:29+01:00

Bespoke Mast System – Concept to Reality!

12/06/18 – Bespoke winch operated pivoting mast system SMC were approached recently and asked to design, manufacture and install a bespoke winch operated pivoting mast system, which would allow an operator to remove and maintain, quite often large and heavy head load equipment, without the need to climb up a ladder. We [...]

Bespoke Mast System – Concept to Reality!2018-06-12T09:17:40+01:00

SMC Celebrating 60 years: 1988-1998

04/06/2018 - Celebrating 60 years: 1988-1998 Continuing a theme of highlighting our history in decades; during 1988 - 1998, BBC TV News televised SMC personnel making an historic two-way radio contact with the first Briton in Space, Helen Sharman, whilst she was on board the MIR Space Station. We also acquired AEL Communications and [...]

SMC Celebrating 60 years: 1988-19982018-06-04T10:57:54+01:00

It’s Exhibition Season!

01/05/2018 - See our telescopic mast range on display next month It’s exhibition season and we’ve been busy gathering equipment, which is normally on display around the building, in preparation for our third exhibition of the year, CommunicAsia 2018, which takes place in Singapore from 26-28 June. We’ll have a selection of telescopic pneumatic, [...]

It’s Exhibition Season!2018-05-01T08:50:53+01:00

Mast & Vehicle Installations – We are going to need a bigger garage!

26/02/18 - Mast & Vehicle Installations It has been a busy start to 2018, with no end in sight. Besides from the usual mast work, installs and services, we were pleased to be asked to carry out 3 complete vehicles builds during March and April. Although we can’t disclose too much at the moment, [...]

Mast & Vehicle Installations – We are going to need a bigger garage!2018-02-27T09:18:34+01:00

STORM Winch Operated Mast Series – Fully installed with images

14/11/17 - STORM Telescopic Winch Operated Mast - Images Our Telescopic Winch Operated STORM Mast Series is one of our toughest products, yet lightweight and capable of supporting some of the heaviest head loads. STORM Series Field Stand on display:   To read more about our masts CLICK HERE [...]

STORM Winch Operated Mast Series – Fully installed with images2017-11-14T14:21:29+01:00
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