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11/09/18 – Updated CTS Website The CTS Minns website has had a re-vamp! All products have new drawings and updated tables; plus an online catalogue to help you find the right product. Visit our website HERE SMC manufacture and design the CTS brand of HF broadband ferrite matching transformers, hybrids, multicouplers, filters and associated [...]

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SMC Sponsor charity bike ride in vietnam

05/06/18 – '100 nautical miles for 100 years’ On 5/6 May 2018, to mark the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Air Force (RAF), British Embassy Defence Section and FCO staff, along with colleagues from other Missions in Vietnam, undertook a gruelling 100 nautical mile (= 185.2 kilometres) bicycle ride to raise money for the [...]

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Sigalarm Testimonial – Bruce Sousa (Hilomast)

26/09/17 - Sigalarm Testimonial - Bruce Sousa (Hilomast) - VIDEO In the testimonial video below, Bruce explains why Hilomast has used Sigalarm for so many years and why they partner with us: “My name is Bruce Sousa. My title is general manager and I work for Hilomast. “What we do here at Hilomast is a [...]

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Promoting a Safety Culture – Watch Ashley Pertler’s Video

19/09/17 - Promoting a Safety Culture - Watch Ashley Pertler's Video Sigalarm’s mission is to make it safer for professionals like engineers, construction workers, and firefighters to do their jobs safely. High voltage power lines are often close to job or disaster sites and being aware of them can save lives. In the video below, [...]

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Elliot Davies on completing the APB Southampton Marathon

25/04/17 - SMC have agreed to match all donations SMC would like to congratulate Elliot Davies on completing the APB Southampton Marathon not once, but twice, in an impressive 3 hours and 53 minutes. Elliot’s chosen charity, Winchester Night Shelter, work 365 days a year, helping people rebuild their lives and escape homelessness for good. [...]

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ASTEL Comms updated website

14/03/17 - ASTEL Comms new website Check out the new website - ASTEL! ASTEL Communications was established in 1992 and specialised in importing and distributing antennas, masts and accessories for radio communication systems, both military and civilian. Today, ASTEL Communications is recognised as one of the most comprehensive and professional suppliers of these products on [...]

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