SIGALARM – High Voltage Proximity Detector

07/05/19 - SMC has two different safety products which complement our mast products.... PROXIMITY WARNING SYSTEM This solid state electronic safety system provides both audible and visual warning signals. These signals alert the operator and attendant ground personnel when the boom comes within proximity set by an operator of an energized high-voltage power line. [...]

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High frequency (HF) radios – back to earth

11/06/18 – Bringing communications back down to earth The following text, written by our partners at White Wolf Systems, was recently published in AFCEA Signal Magazine and highlights the importance of HF Communications: "High frequency radios can bridge a beyond-line-of-sight gap during operations in contested environments With the development [...]

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Radio Engineering – New Workshop Facilities

05/03/18 – Codan NGT and Envoy systems Continued investment in new equipment assists in the repair of Codan NGT and Envoy systems. As the service centre for Codan in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, we require the right tools to repair faults and confirm there is no Intermodulation (IMD), Spurious Transmissions or Harmonic [...]

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Broadcast vehicle – ENG Lunar Series

15/05/17 - Land your broadcast with SMC Solutions LUNAR Series SMC Solutions are proud to announce our new ENG Lunar Series, a new generation broadcast vehicle.  Some of the features are: 5 year/100,000 mile factory warranty Full truck frame with improved vehicle weight distribution 42’ Broadcast Series mast system Two separate work stations Easy access [...]

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SMC Radio Engineering Training

05/12/16 - SMC Radio Engineering Training Course SMC recently ran a one week training course eight government engineers. This covered HF, VHF and UHF analogue and digital communication together with coverage of antennas and propagation, including CAD coverage planning tools. The course was hailed as a great success, with comments such as “Very useful course” [...]

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SMC are offering Radio System Training on a variety subjects

10/05/16 – SMC offering technical training on radio subjects Radio System Training SMC are well placed to offer technical training on a variety of radio subjects, these include; Codan HF Equipment Training SMC are Codan’s Europe. Middle East and Africa HF equipment service centre, and we can offer operator, installation, and service/repair training on the [...]

SMC are offering Radio System Training on a variety subjects2017-01-11T09:32:00+01:00

PMR Communication; Past, present and future

20/04/16 – PMR Communication; Past, present and future An article on Private Mobile Radio by SMC’s Chief Technical Officer, Chris Lorek, is featured in this month’s edition of ‘Land Mobile’ magazine. Chris details how two-way radio communication has evolved over the years, and the interesting future that lies ahead. To read the article, click on [...]

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SMC approved Motorola developer

22/06/15 - SMC approved Motorola developer We are pleased to announce that we have successfully satisfied Motorola’s accreditation criteria to become a partner for the integration of applications with Motorola Professional 2-Way Radio products. This has opened the door to further development through our new SMC Gateway, which is fully functional with a large range [...]

SMC approved Motorola developer2017-01-11T09:32:09+01:00
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