Smart Enquiry Form (Masts)

If you're contacting us regarding masts please use our smart query form, below, so we can get back to you more efficiently.

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Smart Enquiry Form (Masts)

    Please fill in the smart form below so we can help you more efficiently. If there's any information you're not sure about please enter N/A or feel free to add a question. Thank you

    Do you have a manufacturer or part number for the head load?

    Head load type? (Please choose the head load that most closely matches your equipment)

    What is the weight of the equipment you wish to lift with the mast?

    Please specify sail area / dimensions or diameter

    Is the head load a mesh material? (This will affect the effective Head Load Area)

    Where is the headload positioned?

    Maximum Wind Speed that the head load needs to operate within?

    Maximum Wind Speed that the mast is able to withstand with the headload?

    What is the height of the mast when extended?

    What is the height of the mast when retracted?

    What is the intended method that you wish to use for mounting the mast?

    Does the mast need to rotate in the mounting fixture?

    Can the mast be guyed?
    Are locking collars required to increase rigidity and ensure that the mast will not gradually retract over time without a compressor permanently connected

    What colour would you like the mast painted?

    What finish would you like the mast painted?

    What guy rope colour would you like?

    Please add any additional information or give a brief description of your use case here. You can also upload any images or documents that may be relevant to your query here

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