14/09/16 – SMC and Meico design and manufacture Cellular on Wheels

SMC and Meico design and manufacture a unique solution which will provide a telecommunication and data transmission signal in remote areas, where a telecommunication signal cannot be reached for geographical or technological reasons.

Uses include natural disasters, music festivals, trade fairs, sports events and many other mass event.

Telescopic mast fully erected

Cellular on wheels with Hilomast telescopic mast

A unique instrument which easily provides a telecommunication and data transmission signal. Its usage is being offered on those sites where the telecommunication signal is hardly reached from the geographical or technological reasons or the signal is not available at all. This product guarantees very fast return on investment because there is a simple equation of declining revenues from non-working GSM, UMTS or LTE networks.

Most Frequent Application of the mobile base station

  • Network Support during such events like music festivals, trade fairs, natural disasters, sport events and many other mass events
  • Temporary Coverage
  • Full Alternative to Stationary BTS Stations

Key Features of the Cell on Wheels

  • Universal Application – countryside as well as city centres because there are no building permits needed
  • Smart Solution – compact container on transportable chassis fitted with SMC (Hilomast) telescopic pneumatic mast up to 17.5 m which creates a full alternative to the stationary BTS stations. It can easily be equipped with genset
  • Quick and Easy Installation – the Cell on Wheels as able to be fully ready to use within 1 hour by 2 workers. No additional space/technique needed
  • Modular Design – Maximum customisation
  • Smooth and Fast Transportation – the Cell on Wheels can be transported by any SUV
  • Advanced Technology – State-of-the-art technology featured in the mobile base station