Markets - Meteorological

We design and manufacture a range of reliable and robust masts, with different heights and head load options, which support weather monitoring equipment. These masts are renowned to be durable in even the harshest of environments.

The SMC Group provides support services and equipment for the meteorological market.

We can provide solutions from small mast systems to elevate wind measurement equipment to large scale bespoke project solutions, combining our mast and antenna products with our design and manufacturing expertise.

SMC supported Project SPEAR, a HF radar system located on Svalbard, Norway, designed to research the Earth’s upper atmosphere and magnetosphere, in the vicinity of the polar cap. It consists of an array of 24 full wave, crossed dipoles designed to operate at 5.0 MHz.

Situated in such an isolated site it was difficult to transport the required equipment to site so SMC designed and delivered the Alumast and TS sectional support masts to be flat packed and assembled on site, as well as the associated rhombically broadened dipole antennas. This was one of the largest array of mast and antenna systems in the world.

Project SPEAR has the support of scientists from Scandinavia, Germany and the USA and will be in the forefront of the international effort in to space research well into the new century.

Please contact us to discuss any requirements you might have. We will be happy to advise what product solutions may be best for you.