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MF ‘T’ Antenna

The MF “T” Antenna is your ultimate solution for omnidirectional communication in the medium frequency (MF) bands. Designed to excel in this frequency range, the MF “T” antenna offers reliable and efficient performance.

The MF “T” antenna features a special inverted “L” design, where the upper element is bent over. This innovative design allows for the use of a reasonable length of wire without the need for tall masts. Although the electric field direction is no longer completely vertical, the antenna maintains a strong horizontal pattern, ensuring broad coverage.

The “T” antenna is an enhanced version of the inverted “L” type, with a duplicated horizontal portion to increase the top capacitance to earth. This arrangement also keeps the vertical element further from potential interference from supporting masts, optimizing signal transmission.

The antenna’s length is intentionally designed to not be self-resonant. However, it can be easily brought to resonance across the MF range using a suitable ATU (Antenna Tuning Unit). This tuning capability allows for seamless communication across different frequencies within the MF spectrum.

At SMC, we take pride in manufacturing 1, 2, 3, or 4 wire arrays, customizing the capacity to meet your specific requirements. With our expertise and dedication to quality, you can trust in the reliable performance of the MF “T” Antenna for your medium-frequency communication needs.

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