‘25W Wolf’ Manpack HF Antenna

“25W Wolf” Manpack HF Antenna

The “25W Wolf” Folded HF Dipole antenna is designed as a regional coverage HF antenna intended for near and mid-range HF communications in environmental disasters and similar scenarios. It offers a rapid deployment time for use when a fast communication set-up is essential.

Based on the higher power “Wolf” manpack HF antenna which is currently in worldwide use, the “25W Wolf” and “Wolf Pup” HF antennas have been designed for use where light weight and rapid deployment are needed, along with an extended frequency range up to 60 MHz, typically for battery powered transportable and man-pack VHF and HF radio transceivers.

Two versions are available, each having the same frequency range and power rating specification. The “Wolf Pup” is only half the length of the “25W Wolf” and is ideal for use where deployment area is at a premium. A compact combined and fully encapsulated HF balun and load is used for light weight and rapid deployment in both versions, and Kevlar strengthened antenna elements are used for durability.

This HF antenna can be configured as a Flat Top NVIS antenna, Inverted ‘V’ for medium to long ranges, or a sloping directional antenna.

Its strong NVIS (Near Vertical Incidence Sky wave) capabilities allow for communications over mountainous terrain or in jungle environments, and its broadband coverage makes it an excellent antenna for ALE (Automatic Link Establishment) operations without the need for a tuner/coupler thus reducing system costs and overall weight.

No radial ground plane or grounding is required, making the antenna ideal for rooftop installations.

HF antenna
Regional coverage
Quick deploy
Frequency Coverage
Power Rating
Radiation Pattern
Supplied Accesories
Overall Antenna Length
25W data and PEP
VSWR 1.5:1 typical, 3:1 maximum
Essentially omnidirectional at HF
Complete with RG-174 coax downlead, winding spools, transportable bag and ground stakes
25W Wolf 18.5m (60 ft approx), Wolf Pup; 9.25m (30ft approx)

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