Fan Dipole Antenna - SMC
SMC - Fan Dipole Antenna - Type MCFD/N and Type CFD/N

Fan Dipole Antenna

Our Multi-Frequency (HF) Antennas are your go-to solution for cost-effective, compact, and versatile antenna coverage in the HF band. Designed to deliver exceptional performance for short to medium range applications, these antennas offer Omni-directional or bi-directional coverage on up to four spot frequencies, meeting your diverse communication needs.

The HF Antenna series provides you with two options: the SMC/MCFD/N and the SMC/CFD/N. The former is ideal for installations using two masts, while the latter offers a more economical alternative with just one mast. Both antennas feature the CCJ/1 coaxial cable junction unit, ensuring the weight of the cable is properly supported, guaranteeing efficient signal transmission.

Built to withstand the rigors of fixed or temporary installations, these antennas are crafted from high-quality components. The multi-strand hard-drawn copper magnesium elements are equipped with line taps and end insulators, ensuring reliable and stable performance.

With various versions available, you can easily match the number of elements to your spot frequency requirements. While some coupling between elements may occur, simple on-site adjustments can be made by modifying the line taps on each element to optimize VSWR.

We deliver complete installations, including halyard straps, D shackles, insulators, and balun centre junction unit with termination options like UHF type N or customized connectors. Coaxial cables are tailored to your specific requirements.

For your convenience, we offer a range of masts to suit different installations, from the economical PA2 alloy mast. Additionally, we provide lighting kits compliant with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards and mast erection equipment to support your setup.

Frequency Range
Power Rating
Azimuth Radiation
Input Impedance
Antenna elements
2-30 MHz (2, 3 or 4 spot frequencies (as a long wire antenna)
Normally better than 2:1
Up to 1kW
Depends on frequency and height of antenna
50-75 ohm depending on design height
7/0.914mm (7/036″) or 7/1.118mm (7/044″) hard drawn copper strand
Carbon loaded ultra violet resistant polypropylene
Stainless steel or plated brass

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