HFC1-30 – 1 kW HF Directional Coupler - SMC
HFC1-30 – 1kW HF Directional Coupler

HFC1-30 – 1kW HF Directional Coupler

The HFC1-30 is a wideband directional coupler designed for the HF frequency band, offering exceptional performance in a compact package. Utilizing cutting-edge ferrite transformer techniques, this coupler is optimized for permanent installations or field measurement purposes. With output samples of forward and reverse power flow, the HFC1-30 acts as an efficient “dual” coupler, providing accurate readings while maintaining independence between the reverse signal and load on the forward port. Additionally, built-in load resistors efficiently dissipate any unterminated coupled power, ensuring reliable operation. Economical and compact, the HFC1-30 is the ideal choice for those seeking a high-quality directional coupler that delivers excellent performance and versatility in HF applications. Enhance your signal management with this reliable and cost-effective device.
Directional coupler
HF frequency
Power Rating
Insertion Loss
Return Loss (matched load)
Coupling Ratio
Forward/Reverse Discrimination
2 – 50MHz. full specification*
1kW continuous. 2.5kW peak
2.5: 1
-30dB +/- 0.5dB
Main line ‘N’ Female. Coupled line ‘BNC’ Female
N.B. at 1kW the forward output signal is one Watt.
* The coupler is effective over a very much wider frequency range with a small degradation in performance. Calibration charts can be supplied for those out of band frequencies, where for example, measurement of harmonics is desired.

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