HFC10-26 – 10 kW HF Directional Coupler - SMC
HFC10-26 – 10kW HF Directional Coupler

HFC10-26 – 10kW HF Directional Coupler

The HFC10 – 26 is a high-performance wide band directional coupler designed specifically for the HF frequency band. Utilizing advanced ferrite transformer techniques, this coupler achieves an incredibly compact and space-saving design, making it ideal for both permanent installations and field measurement applications.
With output samples of forward and reverse power flow, the HFC10 – 26 functions as an efficient “dual” coupler, ensuring that the reverse signal remains largely independent of the load on the forward port, and vice versa. Moreover, the coupler features built-in load resistors that effectively dissipate any unterminated coupled power, ensuring stable and reliable operation. Experience exceptional signal management and precision measurements with the HFC10 – 26 wide band directional coupler. Its compact form factor, high reliability, and accurate performance make it an indispensable tool for HF applications, providing valuable insights and seamless power flow control.
Directional coupler
HF frequency
Power Rating
Insertion Loss
Return Loss (matched load)
Coupling Ratio
Forward/Reverse discrimination:
2 – 32MHz. full specification*
10 kW continuous and peak
2.5: 1
-26 dB +/- 0.5 dB
Main line – 7/8″ or 1 5/8″. Coupled line -‘N’ female
> 30 dB
N.B. at 10kW the forward output signal is 25 Watts.
*The coupler is effective over a very much wider frequency range with a small degradation in performance. Calibration charts can be supplied for those out of band frequencies, where for example, measurement of harmonics is desired.

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