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The Hilolite is a robust solution designed to excel in the most challenging conditions. This compact and low-profile mast system is easily installed on most passenger vehicles, 4X4s, and light commercial vehicles using specially designed aluminium roof mounting bars.

Alternatively, it can be effortlessly mounted onto the flat roof sections of Fire Engine bodywork.

The Hilolite is available in two versions: 1.6m and 2.7m, catering to diverse requirements. Choose the complete Hilolite unit equipped with a pan & tilt light head, offering a range of LED and Metal Halide configurations. Alternatively, opt for the version without a light head, perfect for accommodating cameras, antennas, or other non-lighting applications.

  • Hassle-free installation with minimal roof drilling, and when using Hilomast LLC custom roof bars, additional roof strengthening is usually unnecessary.
  • No intrusion into the vehicle, ensuring maximum space utilization.
  • Choice between 2-way or 4-way light head, available in 110V/220V or vehicle voltage Metal Halide lighting or LED options.
  • Flexibility to mount lights to one side of the masthead, preventing overhang on vehicle sides and obstructing ladder stowage.
  • Clean and organized cable management: Control and vehicle voltage lighting cables are enclosed within the mast for 12V & 24V lighting systems, while the 110V/240V light cable is externally contained in a nylon-coiled tube around the mast.
  • Versatility: Options for CCTV and antenna head-loads are available to meet different needs.
  • Integrated air regulator system, operating directly from the vehicle auxiliary air tank, with the option for a built-in compressor system.
  • Compact dimensions and low weight, typically 50 kg, ensuring ease of handling and transport.

Experience durability, versatility, and convenience with the Hilomast Hilolite. Its exceptional design and construction make it the ideal solution for various applications, whether it’s lighting, surveillance, or communication needs.

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