Portable Manpack - SMC

Portable Manpack

The SMC Manpack Series Masts and Vertical Radiators are the epitome of strength, portability, and versatility.
Available in heights of 16.3′ (5.0 meters) and 22.9′ (7.0 meters), the  Manpack Series is designed with convenience in mind. These masts break down to fit into a compact, easily transportable pack, measuring only 3.28′ (1 meter) in length. With a quick and straightforward setup, one person can extend the Manpack Series masts in less than 10 minutes on almost any terrain. Supplied with all fittings and color-coded guys for 2 or 3 levels, the masts feature 4 points fixing, ensuring stability and reliability.
Made of fiberglass, these masts serve as ideal end poles for dipole antennas or sturdy supports for VHF or UHF tactical antennas. Capable of carrying a static head load of up to approximately 30lbs (13.6 kg), they are the perfect solution for various communication needs.
Both the fiberglass and aluminium alloy masts are meticulously finished in olive green drab, ensuring durability and a seamless blend with the surroundings. The guy stays are pre-stretched and wound on carbon-loaded ultraviolet-resistant polypropylene formers, doubling as efficient guy tensioners.
We understand that various applications demand diverse solutions. As such, we manufacture alternative fiberglass and aluminium masts, tailored to varying heights and headloads, fulfilling unique requirements.
Carry Bag
Storage Spools and Guy Tensioner
Epoxy pre-impregnated glass fibre or HE3OTF aluminium alloy
Pre-stretched 63.93lbs (29 kg) [.16inch (4mm) od] polyester either white or dyed olive drab
Normally 15oz commercial canvas but also in PVC coated nylon
Aluminium and galvanized steel
Carbon loaded polypropylene

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