RL100-5 - 50 ohm 10kW Resistive Load - SMC
SMC - RL100-5 Resistive Load

RL100-5 – 50 ohm 10kW Resistive Load

The RL100-5 is a high-performance 50 ohm unbalanced resistive load purpose-built for the HF frequency range of 1.5 – 32MHz. This exceptional load offers efficient convection cooling, eliminating the need for AC power, making it a reliable choice for outdoor unprotected operation.

Designed with precision and versatility in mind, the RL100-5 finds its application in various scenarios. It serves as an excellent transmitter load, ensuring smooth power dissipation and performance. Additionally, it excels as a hybrid balancing load, delivering stable and balanced power distribution. Furthermore, the RL100-5 proves to be a reliable antenna common mode load, enhancing signal integrity and minimizing interference.

Experience unmatched efficiency and reliability with the RL100-5 resistive load. Its robust design, wide frequency range, and outdoor suitability make it an invaluable component in HF systems, providing stability, accurate power handling, and outstanding performance in diverse applications.

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