TA40 - HF Antenna Matching Transformer - SMC
TA40 - HF Antenna Matching Transformer

TA40 – HF Antenna Matching Transformer

The TA series of transformers have been expertly designed to deliver rugged and lightweight performance, making them the perfect fit for transportable HF antenna systems.

With versatile combinations of power ratings and impedance transformation ratios, antenna designers have a wide selection of units at their disposal, ensuring seamless integration with most antenna configurations.

Key Specifications:

  • Broad frequency band coverage from 1.5 to 32 MHz, offering compatibility with a diverse range of applications.
  • Power capacities ranging from 50 Watts to 1 kW, catering to various power requirements.
  • Constructed with a lightweight fiberglass body, these transformers are easy to handle and ideal for transportable setups.
  • Tailored for transportable applications, facilitating convenient deployment and usage on the move.
  • Ensuring durability and reliability, the transformers are securely housed within extremely strong fiberglass bodies, hermetically sealed with low loss resin, making them suitable for any environmental conditions.

Safety and protection are paramount. The input coaxial connector is thoughtfully safeguarded within the specially formed body. Additionally, the transformer itself is grounded, providing an added layer of defence against static and lightning-induced electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

For seamless compatibility with the SMC range of masts, the spigoted version, type TAS, is readily available, offering a reliable connection option.

Whether you require transportable HF antenna solutions or need versatile units for your antenna configurations, these transformers are the ultimate choice, delivering reliable results across various frequencies and power levels.

Broadband 1.5 – 32 MHz
50 Watt – 1 kW
AV Power
Balance Impedance
400 Watt i/p imp: 50 Ohm unbalance
50 Ohm
400 Watt i/p imp: 50 Ohm unbalance
75 Ohm
400 Watt i/p imp: 50 Ohm unbalance
200 Ohm
400 Watt i/p imp: 50 Ohm unbalance
300 Ohm
400 Watt i/p imp: 50 Ohm unbalance
370 Ohm
400 Watt i/p imp: 50 Ohm unbalance
450 Ohm
400 Watt i/p imp: 50 Ohm unbalance
600 Ohm
400 Watt i/p imp: 50 Ohm unbalance
800 Ohm

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