Transportable Wide Band Antenna - SMC
Transportable Wide Band Antenna
Transportable Wide Band Antenna

Transportable Wide Band Antenna

The SMC TWB2530 is a completely integral transportable HF antenna system. Supplied with its own fiberglass telescopic mast it requires no natural objects for support purposes.

The complete HF antenna system and fiberglass telescopic mast is packed in a roll-up kit bag for transportation and can be erected and ‘on air’ in as little as 15 minutes. All components are drab olive or matt black.

The HF antenna system is constructed of very lightweight/high strength materials including Kevlar and nylon. NATO codified versions available.

HF antenna
Quick deploy
Packed weights and sizes
Site requirements (inc. masts)
Deployment time
Antenna elements
Balun transformer
Frequency range
Power ratings
Input connector
Feeder cable
11 MTS epoxy bonded GRP 50mm OD with prestretched 4-way polyester guy system
200 x 30 x 70cm, 36kg (6’7″ x 1′ x 2′ 3″ ½”, 79lb)
47m x 22m max (154’x 72’max)
30 minutes max
PVC covered kevlar braid, drab olive
GRP housing, fully strain relieved
Fully encapsulated non hygroscopic with NATO style spigot
2.5 to 30MHz
Receive, 400w, I kw
Typically 2.5:1 or better
50ohms unbalanced
Up to 3dbi
N or UHF
20m URM67

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