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WTM Trailer Mast
Trailer Mast – Up to 30m
Trailer Mast – Up to 30m

WTM Trailer Mast

Our innovative Trailer Mast, featuring four telescopic outriggers with wind-down legs, ensures exceptional stability. Its robust construction and user-friendly design make it the perfect choice for effortless shipment.

Key Features:

1. Telescopic Outriggers with Wind-Down Legs for Exceptional Stability:
The incorporation of four telescopic outriggers with wind-down legs sets this Trailer Mast apart, providing an unparalleled level of stability during mast deployment. This feature ensures a secure foundation, allowing the mast to withstand varying environmental conditions with ease.

2. Standard Tilt-Over Mechanism WTO/1 and Electric Winch for Effortless Erection:
The Standard Tilt-Over Mechanism WTO/1 and an electric winch means set up is easy. This innovative combination simplifies the mast erection process, allowing for swift and efficient deployment. The electric winch, powered either by the towing vehicle battery or a separate battery, offers flexibility to adapt to diverse power supply preferences.

3. One-Person Setup Capability for Quick Deployment:
The user-centric design extends to its one-person setup capability, facilitating quick and efficient deployment. This feature not only streamlines operations but also ensures that a single operator can easily manage the entire setup process, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

4. 15-Minute Setup Time from Parking to Fully Extended Mast:
Efficiency is a hallmark of our Trailer Mast, and this is evident in its rapid deployment capability. From parking the vehicle to achieving a fully extended mast, the process takes just 15 minutes. This remarkable speed ensures that professionals can swiftly respond to dynamic operational requirements.

Heavy duty
Winch operated
Large head loads

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