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HF Dipoles Centre Fed Dipole Antenna

SMC are specialist manufacturers of a wide range of HF communications antennas. Our worldwide experience of antenna requirements enables us to offer the most suitable antenna for customer installation together with a prompt delivery service. All our antennas are made from high quality’ purpose-designed components suitable for the most extreme environments. These antennas can be supplied ready made for specific frequencies or cut over length and supplied with line taps and frequency charts for simple on-site adjustment.

These antennas are most suited for short to medium range working. When suspended about a quarter wave above ground level radiation is predominantly upwards, giving some omnidirectional coverage using skywaves. As the height above ground level is increased to a half wave, the radiation pattern tends to a figure of eight.

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Technical Specs

Bandwidth:+/- 2% of centre frequency
VSWRBetter than 1.5 : 1
Power:Up to 2kW
Impedance:50 Ohms

Mechanical Specs

Antenna Elements7/0.44" (7/1.118rnm) or 7/0.36" (7/0.914mm) hard drawn copper magnesium strand.
InsulatorsCarbon loaded polypropelene.
SpreadersAntenna spreaders used on FDA/1 are fibreglass. Feed Iine spreaders are porcelain or fibreglass as appropriate.
BalunsSMC can supply a wide range of matching balun transformers for all combinations of input impedances and powers.
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