FWB-2530-Wide-Band-DipoleThe FWB 2530 is a wide band HF dipole designed with cost and versatility in mind. Ideally supported on a single 18 meter mast. This antenna can be used in fixed ground stations, roof mounted, or in semi-transportable situations. The antenna is centre fed via 50 Ohms coaxial cable to a mast mounted 1kW balun transformer. The element ends are kept clear of the ground by use of polyester end tails.

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Frequency range:2.5-30MHz
VSWR:3-1 max 2.1:1 AVE
Impedance:50 Ohms unbalanced
Power:Rx - 1kW AVE
Polar Diagram 'H' Plane:Generally omnidirectional
Polar Diagram 'E' Plane:30 - 90
Gain:>3 dbi