The Whiskey (US Pat. D706749), or “W” antenna is designed as a local, regional  to continental (0-4000km) coverage antenna intended for High Frequency Communications. It is an 0mni-directional horizontally polarized system. Typical use is for disaster and rapid deployment scenarios. Its strong NVIS (Near Vertical Incidence Skywave) capabilities allow for communications over mountainous/jungle terrain and its full  2-30 Mhz spectrum broadband  coverage makes it an excellent antenna for ALE operations without the need for a tuner/coupler.  Radial ground plane or grounding  is not required making the antenna ideal for ground/rooftop installations and mobile “on the move” field use.  The “Whiskey” antenna can be purchased in transportable or permanent models.

Extended element antenna providing improved performance at the low frequency end.


Whiskey kitWhiskey kit

Frequency2-30 MHz Broadband
Power (5kw Avail.)1kw CW 4kW PEP
Impedance50 Ohms
VSWR1.8: 1 Max

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