The Whiskey (US Pat. D706749), or “W” antenna is designed as a local, regional  to continental (0-4000km) coverage antenna intended for High Frequency Communications. It is an 0mni-directional horizontally polarized system. Typical use is for disaster and rapid deployment scenarios. Its strong NVIS (Near Vertical Incidence Skywave) capabilities allow for communications over mountainous/jungle terrain and its full  2-30 Mhz spectrum broadband  coverage makes it an excellent antenna for ALE operations without the need for a tuner/coupler.  Radial ground plane or grounding  is not required making the antenna ideal for ground/rooftop installations and mobile “on the move” field use.  The “Whiskey” antenna can be purchased in transportable or permanent models.


Whiskey kitWhiskey kit

Frequency2-30 MHz Broadband
Power (5kw Avail.)1kw CW 4kW PEP
Impedance50 Ohms
VSWR1.8: 1 Max

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