SMC Ltd manufacture a wide range of radial earth systems suitable for use with a wide range of vertical antennas and ground dependent wire antennas.

The standard range normally have 36 soft stranded copper radials fitted to a 30cms square copper plate. Lengths may be varied to suit site requirements.

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Standard Range:

Type NumberNo. Of RadialsLength of Radials metresPlate Dimension cms

Many other configurations may be manufactured to order, and central plates may be manufactured to suit specific antennas or sites.

Mechanical Specifications:

CONSTRUCTION – Fully pre-fabricated, copper riveted and soldered joints, protected by bitumastic solution

WIRE RADIALS – Soft high conductivity pure stranded copper, normally type 7/0.82

COPPER PEGS – May be supplied as an optional extra for each radial

FINISH – Normally self colour, but central plates may be electro-tin plated for extra corrosion resistance

Portable Radial Earth Systems

Housed in either galvanised steel or ABS plastic housing, the SMC portable earth system is normally designed to customers’ specification from the following options.

HOUSINGS – ABS plastic, normally 30 x 30 x 8 cms to house 12 x 10 metre radials

RADIALS – Either stranded 710.82 soft copper or tinned copper wire interwoven with terylene cord. Quantity: 12 x 10 metres normally supplied

STORAGE SPOOLS – Carbon loaded polypropelene

RADIAL END SPIKES – Either zinc plated steel, copper weld rods or plastic spikes


Earth Rods and Tape

Earth-Rods-and-TapeCopperbond earth rod provide long lasting easily driven electrodes by combining corrosion resistance of copper with rigidity and strength of steel. These rods have a uniformly thick copper sheath molecularly bonded to a round carbon steel core.

The layer of permanently bonded copper assures extended life, even if corrosion soils. Points are machined to provide easy driving. The other end of the rod is chamfered to prevent mushrooming when driven into the ground.

Extendable copper-band earth rods available in the following sizes:

5/8” dia in 4,6,8’ lengths

All rods may be connected by external coupler and driven to greater depths

Also available 10mm dia non extendable copper bond earth rods complete with driving caps in any length up to 1.2 metres (Model No. SMC-ER4)

Earth Tape

Available in aluminium or pure copper in various sizes, normally from stock.

1/2” x 1/16”
1/2” x 1/8”
3/4” x 1/16”
3/4” x 1/8”

1” x 1/8”