South Midlands Communications Ltd are proud to support the complete range of high quality Lambda Antenna products and provide advanced coverage engineering.

With more then 50 years experience in manufacturing antennas and telecommunication components, technology and professional telecommunication installations, we are well positioned to offer complete antenna system packages, which include a large range of pan and tilt positioners and mounting accessories, as well as fixed, sectional and telescopic masts.



Passive Components

Duplexers and cavities

Filters & Combiners

Passive Components

Digital RF Repeaters & Base Stations Antennas

Digital repeaters
RF couplers
Antennas base station panels

Digital RF Repeaters

Passive Components

Yagi Antenna

Parabolic Antenna

Parabolic antenna

Whips Antennas for Mobile

Whips antennas for mobile

Omnidirectional Base Station

omnidirectional base station