SMC specialises in the manufacture of one-off and bespoke HF and VHF communication antennas, from simple dipoles to custom HF arrays containing many hundreds of individual antennas. Our facilities also include the design and manufacture of bespoke fixed and steerable microwave dish antennas from 2-40GHz


We manufacture a range of tactical and transportable military HF antennas, from small  tactical dipole antennas weighing less than 1kg, to a range of wide band, directional and omnidirectional, antennas, specifically designed to cope with modem frequency agile equipment. Incorporated into the latest range of tactical antennas are modern high strength/low stretch materials such as Kevlar and carbon fibre, giving tough and very lightweight systems.

Our flexibility comes to the fore when we are asked for a design for a specific task, or for when an existing design may require modification to suit specific applications.

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