Half Rhombic Antenna

The SMC/VHR VHF Half Rhombic (VHR) antenna is a tactical unidirectional antenna designed for operation across 30-88MHz.


    • Frequency Range; 30-88MHz
    • Transmit Power Handling; 50W
    • Antenna element; PVC covered Kevlar braid with plaited copper wire, green outer sleeving
    • Polarisation; Vertical
    • Directivity; Unidirectional
    • Optimum Apex height; 7m (23ft)
    • VSWR; 3:1 or better
    • Antenna coax connector; BNC with optional BNC to N Type adapter (other connectors also available)
    • Overall ground length; 50m (164ft)
    • Supplied with 15m (50ft) RG58 coax feed to transmitter in a ruggedized kit bag.

Optional equipment:

  • MPFG7; 7m (23ft) fibreglass sectional mast including guys, guy stakes, club hammer for stakes, all supplied in a kit bag

It is highly efficient, needing no adjustments nor using any power-dissipating loads, and is designed to provide greater communication range. The antenna is lightweight, and can be erected and disassembled within minutes. The system is supplied in a transportable kit bag, together with all installation items including antenna adapter for use with either BNC or N type radio antenna connectors. A low VSWR throughout the operational frequency range ensures no antenna tuner is required.

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