The 4 x 1kW HF Hybrid Combiner is designed to combine four unequal frequencies within the range of 2 – 40 MHz.

The unit is built to full military standards and suitable for frequency hopping and similar systems. It is emphasised that the HFH4-1 is not capable of combining co-phased transmitters and a 6 dB splitting loss is applicable to each signal path.

  • ‘N’ connectors only available.
  • Load port must be terminated in 500 Watt 50 Ohm unbalanced loads.
  • Units available for outdoor unprotected operation.

HFH4-1 - 4 x 1kW HF Broad Band Hybrid Combiner

Technical Specs. 
Frequency:2 - 40 MHz
Impedance:50 Ohms
Input power:4 x 1 kW average
Balancing loads:6 x 500 Watt 50 Ohms
Splitter loss:6 dB
Phase:0º +/ - " 5º
Insertion loss:0.5 dB (matched loads)
VSWR:<1.2 : 1 max
Load VSWR:3 : 1 max
Input sockets:'N' sockets
Output sockets:'N' sockets
Load sockets:'N' sockets
Isolation:>30 dB (matched loads)
Cooling:Solid encapsulation natural convection
Temperature:-40°C to +55°