VHF Hybrid Combiner 2017-01-11T09:31:46+00:00

A broad band VHF hybrid for the frequency range 20- 90 MHz combining six unrelated signals.

HFH6-50-B - Broad Band VHF Combiner

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Technical Specs. 
Frequency:20 - 90 MHz
Impedance:50 ohms
Input Power:6 x 50 Watts
Output Power:50 Watts
Insertion loss:<0.75dB + 7.8dB splitting loss
VSWR:Less than 1.2 : 1 (matched loads)
Load VSWR:2.5:1 max.
Weight:1 kg. (exclusive of mounting plate and loads)
Configuration:Cast aluminium case, solid encapsulation, epoxy paint finish
Load Ports :8 x 50 ohm (32 WATTS each)
Isolation:Greater than 30 dB (matched loads)

All specifications are that of typical performance.