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We hold a large stock of two-way radio components and parts for a variety of radio equipment, particularly for Codan, Icom, Motorola,Tait and Vertex-Standard models as well as for SMC manufactured products. Contact us with your requirements, we may certainly be able to help you.

Hytera Mobile Radio Accessories

SMC have a selection of accessories available for the Hytera MD785 and MD785G mobile transceivers.

Compact MD785 Remote Head Kit

SMC-Remote-Head-KitSMC Part No. RCC/MD785

This has been designed for users who wish to remotely mount the MD785 transceiver control section on the vehicle dashboard facia and the radio body elsewhere in the vehicle. It provides a far more compact, and lower cost, installation than would otherwise be achieved by using the Hytera RCC04/05/07/07 remote mount kits.

A 5m length of flat unterminated ribbon control cable is supplied along with SMC-modified IDC (Insulation Displacement Contact) 50-way D connectors and strain reliefs, together with Hytera MD785 transceiver body and control head blanking panels. The original MD785 control head from the existing radio is used which significantly saves costs. This system allows the ribbon control cable to be easily and discreetly routed beneath vehicle carpets or roof linings, as well as between horizontal or vertical dashboard sections often without the need to drill any holes. It also allows use in armoured vehicles where a significantly large hole that would otherwise be required for the D connectors and the associated thick round control cable could give a risk to personnel from potential incoming projectiles. Alternatively, the ribbon cable may be tightly wound into a circular formation to fit through existing small holes in vehicles, and then laid flat for routing. After the cable has been discreetly routed, it can be trimmed with just scissors to the exact length required, and the D connectors then manually fitted without the need for a soldering iron or other specialist tools. This also removes the need to unsightly coil any excess thick round multi-way cable, as would be required if permanent wiring and connectors were used.

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MD785 Ignition Lead

MD785-Ignition-LeadAfter applying DC power to the MD785, the transceiver needs manual intervention to switch the radio on or off. Many users also prefer their radio installer to power the transceiver from the switched DC supply of the vehicle, so as not to drain the vehicle battery when the ignition is switched off and the radio unattended. This means that the radio users needs to manually switch the transceiver on every time after they start the vehicle. This however can be done automatically by the radio installer connecting a switched DC supply to the ‘Ignition Input’ connection pin on the transceiver’s real panel 26-way high-density D connector. The construction of this lead and high-density connector can often be a time-consuming affair, especially when a number of such leads are required for a fleet installation.

The SMC MD785 ignition lead is a ready-made plug-in assembly for this very job.

Separate versions are available for 12V and 24V DC vehicle systems;

12V systems; SMC Part No. MD785 MD785/IL

24V DC systems; SMC Part No. MD785/IL24

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