The SMC Gateway, connecting anything to everything.  The solutions are as broad as your imagination!

Alarm-HandlerAlarm Handler
Connecting any type of alarm system, including intruder and fire alarms, to radio systems.  When an alarm, pre-alarm or fault is initiated, the Gateway can send a text message, email or voice message to the radio system, allowing staff to proactively react prior to the alarm sounding.

Access-Control-IDGPSAccess Control (ID/GPS)
Authorisation and access control of gates, barriers or secure areas, using radio ID and GPS position.

The Gateway can act as a PBX for up to 10 VoIP phones. This is useful for mobile command and control when coupled with tracking and teleconnect.

Vehicle-MonitoringVehicle Monitoring
GPS speed monitoring, with the ability to log and raise alarms if speed is exceeded or if a sudden stop occurs. Logging and reporting of these events could help to explain an incident.

Nurse-CallNurse Call
Connecting Nurse Call systems to radio systems. When an alarm is initiated, the Gateway can send a text message to the radio system, SMS to phone or even an email, allowing staff to proactively react as soon as the event happens.

Vehicle-Monitoring-WebFleet Management
Web-based live location tracking with intelligent routing, based on shortest route rather then distance.

Radio-ManagementRadio Management
Send and receive messages over the radio network to actively monitor connectivity, allowing dealers to know about radio faults before the customer.

Remote-Equipment-MonitoringRemote Equipment Monitoring
Control and monitor remote equipment. By adding OPC compliant O/I extender, such as Moxa, additional equipment can be monitored. The benefit is reporting by exception, to keep radio traffic to a minimum.

Web-InterfaceWeb Interface
Building and serving custom web graphical interfaces such as messaging portals via simple HTML.

LED-SignLED Sign
The radio system can use the SMC Gateway to send messages to Jetfile II compatible LED signs.  Used in receptions, hotels, car parks, etc.

Access-ControlAccess Control
Control gates, barriers or secure areas. Gates and barriers can be opened by sending pre-set radio messages to the Gateway.

Live-Web-UpdatesLive Web Updates
Monitoring of online services such as open weather and tide times to send exceptional conditions to radio, SMS and/or email. For example, the Gateway can make a decision based on the forecast wind speed and advise crane operators to cease work if conditions become unsafe.

Power-MonitoringPower Monitoring
Power Monitoring of battery back-up, with the ability to shut down unnecessary equipment, providing longer up time for essential equipment.

Temporary-AlarmsTemporary Alarms
Create a temporary intruder alarm with motion sensors. Connect wireless (IoT) sensors to create a local alarm system and use radio messages to arm the system via the Gateway, and alert relevant people when activated. Useful for building sites, police scenes or other areas which need temporary security.

Social-MediaSocial Media
Send radio messages to Twitter and vice versa. This is useful for shop safe schemes, to keep non-radio participants fully informed.

Lone-Worker-MonitoringLone Worker Monitoring
Time-based active lone worker monitoring, with escalation to email/SMS/radio message or hardwired siren etc. Can also be triggered via GPS position. Perfect for monitoring an individual or groups in a high risk area.

Artwork-Protection-IntegrationArtwork Protection Integration
Integration into Aspect Arts monitoring systems allows security personnel to check on pre alarms, when a piece of artwork moves, before the full alarm is sounded avoiding unnecessary disturbance.

Internet-of-ThingsInternet of Things
Internet of Things integration allows multiple sensors to be connected at reasonable prices, allowing monitoring of multiple variables.

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