The SMC Gateway Teleconnect connects your Hytera digital radio system to any available telephone connection (Teleconnect), whether this is GSM, VOIP or VSAT. Further Teleconnect options include one-touch emergency handling including GPS location tracking.

Teleconnect is one of many interconnected applications common to the SMC Gateway, which work together to provide flexible custom solutions.

Teleconnect from SMC

Teleconnect features:

  • Supports PSTN / GSM / VoIP connections
  • Access control / authentication on inbound calls
  • Interactive voice response menu, fully customisable and multilingual
  • Failover to alternative connections
  • Restrict outbound calls to known numbers, and/or pattern matching (e.g. block calls to premium rate numbers)
  • Call logging and voice recording
  • Radio text to SMS
  • Inbound calling to individual radios and groups
  • Outbound calling to pre-set numbers and free dialing

Teleconnect from SMC

Uses include:

  • Wide area incident response
  • Cellular PMR bridging
  • Safety of life enhancement Dispatcher from SMC

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