SMC Group design and manufacture high quality and durable sectional, fixed & telescopic masts with heights up to 60 metres.

These include aluminium telescopic pneumatic masts, winch operated masts, push up masts, towers, sectional masts, trailer mounted masts and bespoke masts built to customer specification.

Our fixed and telescopic masts, which include the well known Hilomast telescopic mast range, undergo stringent tests, including MIL-810 testing. Our masts are renowned to be robust and reliable even in the harshest environments, requiring very little maintenance.

“3-60m, Durable, MIL-810 tested”


Pneumatic Telescopic Masts


Winch Up Masts

Push Up

Push Up Masts


Sectional & Fixed Masts

Roof Mounted Telescopic Lighting Mast

Roof Mounted
Telescopic Mast

Telescopic Pneumatic
Wind-Turbine Mast

Hydraulic Mast

Vehicle Surveillance





Parts & Accessories

Parts & Accessories


Installations & Services

A fixed or telescopic mast for every application…

We make choosing a suitable mast for your application as easy as possible, with a large range of standard mast systems available from stock. These include ham radio masts and antenna masts for a range of applications, military masts, light weight antenna masts, masts for CCTV, masts for surveillance, radars and sensors, masts for WIFI and p2p communications, portable poles, HF antenna poles and lots lots more.

We are confident that we have a mast for every application.

Our unique approach…

The SMC Group are able to design and manufacture a range of fixed masts, sectional masts, winch operated masts, pneumatic masts and telescopic masts to meet your unique specification.

For more specialist masts we use our experience, combined with our innovative technologies, CAD software, FEA programs, and 3D Prototyping, to design bespoke elevating solutions on time. We will always ensure that our designs align with your scope of requirements, cost, and schedule.

The SMC Group are continuously investing in new technologies in order to achieve quicker and more advanced product development for our customers.

We are also leading the way in examining market trends and understanding how our customers use our fixed, sectional and telescopic masts, now, and in the future.

Quality & reliability…

All of our bespoke, custom made telescopic masts, fixed masts, winch operated masts and sectional masts, have been tried and tested in various industries including security, police, military, fire, search & rescue, broadcast, communications and many others.

All of our masts are supplied with complete user manuals and installation instructions, and we are always available to offer support.

We would be surprised if we did not offer the best customer service and after sales support in the industry.

Advise, design & manufacture

We will always strive to meet your need date and we will pull out all the stops to ensure you receive your product(s) on time.

With in-house machinery, we don’t need to wait for components from our suppliers, we can react instantly, reducing lead times significantly. This is one of many reasons why a lot of companies choose SMC. Whether it’s a fixed mast, telescopic mast, winch operated mast or sectional mast, we will NOT be beaten on quality!

We are well known for designing and producing high-quality, reliable bespoke telescopic masts and that’s why we’re considered the only choice in many industries and sectors when reliability is key.