The UK is the windiest country in Europe, we could power our country several times over using this free fuel.

Throughout history, communities have harnessed the power of the wind. Now, driven by regulations and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and secure home-grown energy supplies, wind energy is the world’s fastest growing renewable energy type.

Wind energy already makes a significant contribution to the UK, providing electricity to over 4.7 million homes.

Applications include:

  • General house hold power consumption
  • Unmanned traffic management systems which includes lighting, CCTV and variable road signs
  • Power to remote transportable repeaters and other communication devices
  • Back up electrical power for houses prone to power cuts
  • Work sites where power is not feasible
  • Caravans
  • Boats

Combined with a winch operated, push up or telescopic pneumatic mast, we can offer a renewable energy system that can be deployed in the most hostile environments.

The mast on which the wind turbine is mounted is an essential part of the wind turbine system. It’s important to raise the turbine high above buildings, trees and any other obstacles that may generate turbulence and interfere with the turbine output.

Please get in touch to discuss the different masts and mounting brackets that we have available.

Remember, money spent on a wind turbine is well spent and you will soon see a return on your investment.

Nominal Power350W
Nominal Wind Speed12.5m/s
Cut-in Wind Speed3.5m/s
Cut-off Wind SpeedNone
Rotor Diameter1.20m
Number of blades 3
Blade MaterialCFK
Rotor Speed500 - 1300 rpm
GeneratorPermanent Magnet
Nominal Voltage12 VDC/24 VDC
Speed RegulationRotor blade pitch
Power RegulationRotor blade pitch
BrakeGenerator short circuit
Rotor Thrust (operation)70N
Rotor Thrust (extreme wind speed)220N 

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