products-Mast-PackagesSMC Group can design and manufacture mast packages. Whether you want to light and area, film or photograph from height, or monitor the weather, SMC can design a product solution to fulfill your needs.

We believe it is key to continually offer customer focused solutions which is why our range of products is forever expanding to capture new requirements. We are always looking for companies to partner with. Whether you sell lights, antennas, vehicles, sensors, cameras, or meteorological equipment, we can work with you to create a mast package to expand your existing product range and sales.

Here are just a few examples of the solutions we can offer. If there are any other packages or solutions you require, or you would like to partner with SMC to combine our products with yours please contact us.


Easily transportable lighting systems. We have compact solutions which can be installed on a vehicle, roof, and cabin.

Weather Monitoring/

Weather Monitoring

SMC designs and manufactures a range of masts which can be encompassed with weather monitoring systems.


For transporting mast systems or your own product solutions SMC can provide custom built trailers designed to fulfill your needs.

CCTV & Photography

For filming or photographing from height SMC can provide a mast package to create a transportable solution for you.


SMC designs and supplies a new generation of open concept broadcast vehicles. A complete ENG van with spacious head room and open concept, including 52 foot mast system.

Mast & Antenna Systems

Mast & Antenna Systems

SMC specialises in providing complete communication solutions, combining our mast and antenna products to provide you with one complete system.