SMC specialises in providing complete communication solutions, combining our masts, antennas, baluns and positioners to provide you with one complete system.

With over 50 years of experience in the communications industry and a wealth of knowledge and expertise at our disposal, our abilities come to the fore when we are asked to design and manufacture bespoke communication systems. We can fulfill your requirements whether they are for a simple antenna and mast system or for a more complex integrated network.

We also have two ranges of ready-made antenna systems which are currently used throughout the world, our Transportable Wide Band (TWB) and Fixed Wide Band (FWB) antenna systems.

Our TWB is a completely integral HF transportable antenna system. The complete system is packed in a roll-up kit bag, easily transportable, and can be erected in as little as 15 minutes. NATO codified versions are available.

Our FWB is a fixed HF wide band antenna system used for long term deployment. The system is designed to be a long-lasting, low cost, communication solution.

If you would like more information on our Antenna and Mast packages, or would like some advice on how we could design and manufacture a bespoke communication system for you please contact us.


Speciliased project installing a large array of full wave crossed HF dipole antennas and alumasts


Easily Transportable Wide Band Antenna System (TWB)

Bespoke fixed HF loop antenna system for Government Security

Bespoke antenna tracking system on tripod