Trailer masts designed to meet your needs…

SMC Group design and build bespoke trailer masts for a range of markets. All of our trailer masts built in our UK manufacturing site, and therefore, can be specially designed to meet your needs.

All of our trailer masts are certified with the latest UK road regulations.

Full specification sheets are available for both our on and off road trailers, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further details.


12m Trailer

Trailer Mast – up to 12m

This trailer is suitable for telescopic masts upto 12m long. For example the shorted NL Series telescopic masts.

This trailer mounted Telescopic mast system weighs only 450kg and can be easily towed by a small saloon car.

The telescopic mast with pneumatic operation means a quick and effortless installation. This telescopic mast is ideal for temporary lighting, light weight antennas and lots more. Mast sold separately.

30m Trailer

Trailer Mast – up to 30m

  • Galvanised steel construction
  • Single axle cross beam suspension
  • Overrun brake system and parking brake
  • Lighting and reflectors to legal requirements
  • Incorporates 4 telescopic outriggers
  • Complete stability
  • Robust and designed for easy shipment
  • Standard tilt over mount30m SMC Trailer

WTM Trailer Mast

With 4 telescopic outriggers with wind-down legs this trailer mast is very stable. It has robust construction and is designed for easy shipment. The Standard tilt-over mechanism WTO/1 and electric winch make this trailer mast very easy to erect. The power supply is taken from the towing vehicle battery or separate battery, as preferred and can be erected by just one person.

Quick operation – from parking the vehicle to fully extended mast takes just 15 minutes.

WTM Trailer

Download Spec Sheet/information PDF