The SMC Hilomast compressors are renowned for their high quality and reliability. They are air cooled, oil-less and of the diaphragm type. They have steel cases and are powered by electric motors. All models incorporate a pressure controlled switch to maintain the correct mast working pressure. The compressors are quiet, maintenance free and assembled from components that have a proven reliability over many years.

Below is our standard range of compressors. We are also able to design and manufacture bespoke compressors if required.

Please contact us for a quote or for more information on what we can offer.

To calculate the time to fully extend the mast, the height of mast is divided by rate: e.g. For NL/12 mast with NC/2 Compressor – Extension Time = 12 ÷ 4.8 = 2.5 minutes. The time to reach max. pressure is approx. 2 x Extension Time e.g. 5 minutes.

All dimensions are approximate.

Compressor TypeApprox. rate of mast extension Metres per minute
NH SeriesNK SeriesNL SeriesNX SeriesNY Series

Note: Figures should be used as a guide only, head load and environmental conditions will affect the extension time.

NC1 Compressor

NC1 Compressor

The NC1 compressor is the smallest and simplest in the Hilomast range. They are portable and thus suitable for field applications. The units are supplied complete with a single hose and mast connector. The mast is retracted by a manual exhaust valve on the front of the unit, enabling full control from inside a vehicle or building. Although designed primarily for the NH and NK Series masts, they will perform satisfactorily with the NL Series, when the speed of extension is not important.

NC1/230 for 220/240v ACOutput: 17 litres/minute at 0.7Kg/cm2
Max. Pressure: 1.8 Kg/cm2
Weight: 13.2 Kgs.
Size: 300 x 320 x 210mm high
NC1/12 For 12v DC supply
NC1/24 For 24v DC supply
Output: 17 litres/minute at 0.7Kg/cm2
Max. Pressure: 1.8 Kg/cm2
Weight: 8 Kgs.
Size: 290 x 145 x 210mm high

 NC2 Compressor

 NC2 Compressor

The NC2 compressor has all the features of the NC1 compressor and gives approximately twice the output. An additional feature is a single switch that controls both the power supply and an electrically operated exhaust valve.

The units are supplied with two hoses, one for connection to mast and one for exhaust air and drainage. This feature is very useful for vehicle installation, as it drains the moisture collected in the mast from the compressor. The NC2 compressors are ideally suited for the NL Series masts but will work equally well with the NK and NX Series.

Max. Pressure: 1.8 Kg/cm2
Weight: 15 Kgs.
NC2/230 for 220/240v AC
Output: 34 litres/minute at 0.7Kg/cm2
Size: 330 x 320 x 220mm high
Single phase supplyCurrent: 1 amp
NC2/12 For 12v DC supplyCurrent: 14 amps
NC2/24 For 24v DC supplyCurrent: 8 amps

 NC3 Compressor

 NC3 Compressor

The NC3 compressor is the largest in the SMC Hilomast range. Although designed for NX and NY Series masts, they can be used to operate smaller masts where a faster rate of extension is required (see table). They have the same type of switch and hose arrangement as the NC2 compressor.

The units are supplied to meet standard conditions but there is capacity within the system to accommodate customers’ specialised electrical or pneumatic control requirements.

Remote controls are available as an optional extra.


Max. Pressure: 1.4 Kg/cm2
Weight: 34 Kgs.
NC3/230 for 220/240v AC
Output: 65 litres/minute at 0.7Kg/cm2
Size: 400 x 395 x 370mm high
Overload Protection: MCB
Single phase supplyCurrent: 2 amps
NC3/12 For 12v DC supplyCurrent: 30 amps
NC3/24 For 24v DC supplyCurrent: 16 amps

Control Options


RC1 Remote Control

  • Three position switch for NC2/NC3
  • Enables mast to be extended, retracted or held at any point
  • Handheld for DC powered compressors or mounted for DC or AC
  • ABS enclosure and 4m cable

These switches should be ordered with the compressor but can be supplied in kit form for retro-fitting to non-remote units.


RC2 Remote Control

  • Three button relay interfaced unit has separate commands to extend, hold or retract mast
  • IP65 die cast housing and 4m cable
  • Weatherproof plug and socket
  • Primarily designed for external low voltage DC control of NC2 and NC3 AC driven compressors but may be used to control a relay interface for DC driven compressors

These remote controls must be ordered with the compressor.