SMC offers a wide range of mounting brackets to accompany our masts.

Below are some examples of the range we offer. Please contact us for a quote or for more information on what we can offer.

Reese Hitch MountHeading Reese Hitch Mount

Our specialised Reese hitch mount allows for mounting to the back of vehicles. This allows for you to take your mast systems to almost anywhere as long as there is enough area for safe deployment of the mast system. The mounting design provides a sturdy, rugged mount that ensures mast stability.

Side Mounting Bracket

Side Mounting Brackets

For mounting masts to the vertical surface of a vehicle or building, the kit comprises two brackets.

The aluminium top bracket has one half detachable to allow for removal of mast without disturbing the bracket fixings. It incorporates Teflon bearing rings to protect the mast.

The lower-bracket has a Teflon disc to permit easy rotation of mast and a thumb screw for locking it in any desired azimuth direction. On the NX and NY Series the bracket is galvanised steel onto which is bolted an aluminium base plate with a collar brake. (Hole centres NH, NK and NL masts 150mm for M10 bolts. NX masts 160mm for M12 bolts and NY masts 200mm for M12 bolts).

Vehicle Roof Installation Kit

For mounting masts through the roof of a vehicle. The assembly comprises an upper and lower aluminium bearing.

Vehicle Bearings

The upper has three separate components; A flange fitted with a Teflon ring that is bolted to the outer skin of the vehicle, a tapping plate and a weatherproof shield that clamps to the mast.

The lower bearing base plate has a Teflon disc to permit easy rotation of mast and a thumb screw for locking it in position. The NX and NY have a collar brake fitted. The base plate is bolted to the floor with 4-M12 bolts spaced on 14Omm P.C.Dia.

There are two variants for NY, either for rotating or non-rotating masts.

Climbing Steps

Climbing Steps

These are useful for field applications, providing easy access to locking collars and antennas.

They clamp in any position on the mast lower section and fold upright for transit. Single steps for climbing. Double steps for resting.

Rotation Handles

Rotation Handles

These handles assist the easy rotation of mast and fold to the vertical position when not in use.  Maybe fitted after installation.