SMC has two different safety products which complement our mast products, our high voltage proximity alarm, SIGALARM, and a
Magnetic Safety Switch.

Below are some examples of the range we offer. Please contact us for a quote or for more information.

SIGALARM – High Voltage Proximity Detector

Wired Proximity Warning System

Wireless Proximity Detector

SIGALARM is a high voltage proximity warning device designed to alert operators of masts, cranes and other boomed vehicles of the danger of contact with a live power line, the result of which could cause injury, death or damage to equipment.

Energy Networks Association report that approximately 2 people die, and many more injured, in the UK each year due to accidental contact with overhead power linesLook Out – Look Up!

SIGALARMS have been extremely successful in:

  • Preventing incidents
  • Reducing insurance premiums
  • Protecting masts, cranes and other boomed vehicles and
  • Most importantly people’s lives

For best practice and Health and Safety SMC advise that all masts, cranes and other boomed vehicles are installed with a proximity warning device, SIGALARM, when conducting any work near overhead power lines.

Download Spec Sheet/information PDF

Magnetic Safety Switch

Magnetic Safety Switch

The purpose of this switch is to allow for audio or visual warning that the telescopic mast to which it is fitted, has not been fully retracted. When fitted in a vehicle it can be used via a relay to interrupt the ignition circuit and prevent movement of the vehicle when the mast is not retracted.

It is fitted to the outer tube of the mast and is operated by a set of magnets placed at the bottom of the inner mast tube. The magnets are bonded into an aluminium housing and can be easily inserted into the top section of the mast without any dismantling. The plastic end cap of the top section is removed and the magnet housing is inserted into the section. It is automatically retained in position by a neoprene ‘O’ ring