10-07-05-NH9-Hilomast-012The NH Series of telescopic pneumatic masts have a base section diameter of 89mm and are pneumatically operated with either a manual foot pump or small air compressor.

Whilst they are the smallest in the pneumatic range, they are robust and ideal for applications where portability is of prime importance. They can be easily fitted to a vehicle, the masts are suited to mobile applications where light antennas or cameras are required. The top section diameter for the antenna fitting is specified in the table below.

The table below only a small selection of possible mast configurations. Due to the modular design of all Hilomast pneumatic masts, we are able to offer masts in custom sizes, with or without locking collars, and in various colours and finishes. Please contact us for a quote or for more information on what we can offer.

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Specification for Locking Collar and Non Locking Collar (NLC) models.

MastHeight ExtendedHeight retractedNumber of SectionsDiameter of Top SectionVertical Head LoadMax Wind Speed UnguyedMax. Wind Speed with Top GuysTop Guy Ref. No. inc. StakesBasic Weight of Mast

The table shows the vertical head load that each mast will support and the maximum operational wind speed. The weight of the antenna, however, is not usually the main criterion when selecting a mast. The limiting factor is usually the ‘side surface area’ of the antenna.

The wind speeds shown are based on the following side surface areas:
NH masts = 1000 sq. cm. NK = 1400 sq. cm. NL = 2000 sq. cm. NX = 3000 sq. cm. NY = 11000 sq. cm.

All dimensions are approximate.