The NY Series of pneumatic telescopic masts (Hilomast) have a base section diameter of 229mm and are pneumatically operated by custom-built air compressors. These masts have special engaging screws fitted into each of the main collars to resist high torsional loads when the masts are fully extended.

The NY Series of masts are for special applications where high head loads are required or where maximum directional stability is necessary. There are a wide use of applications for this series, including:

  • Mounting video cameras fitted with telephoto lenses
  • Microwave dish antennas for electro news gathering/outside broadcast
  • Direction sensitive antennas or devices

For large diameter head loads, it is important to ensure that the torsional loads transmitted to the masts when fully extended do not exceed the following:

  • NY7 and NY21 = 5200kg cm
  • NY10 and NY18 = 5800kg cm
  • NY12 and NY14 = 4300kg cm

All NY masts have a horizontal flange of 150mm diameter at the top for mounting antennas etc. This flange can be drilled to suit customer requirements.

The table below only shows  a small selection of possible mast configurations. Due to the modular design of all Hilomast pneumatic masts we are able to offer masts in custom sizes, with or without locking collars, and in various colours and finishes. Please contact us for a quote or for more information on what we can offer.

L indicates masts with locking collars.

MastHeight ExtendedHeight retractedNumber of SectionsDiameter of Top SectionVertical Head LoadMax Wind Speed UnguyedSail AreaBasic Weight of Mast
metresmetresmmkgkphmetres sq.kg

All dimensions are approximate.

The table shows the vertical head load that each mast will support and the maximum operational wind speed. The weight of the head load, however, is not usually the main criterion when selecting a mast. The limiting factor is usually the ‘side surface area’ of the head load.

The wind speeds shown are based on the following side surface areas:
NH masts = 1000 sq. cm. NK = 1400 sq. cm. NL = 2000 sq. cm. NX = 3000 sq. cm. NY = 11000 sq. cm.

Although the masts will support head-loads with a larger side surface area than that shown, the maximum operational wind speed will be correspondingly reduced. If in doubt, please ask for a computer check against your specific application.