The Roof Mounted Mast / Lighting Mast has been designed for use in the most demanding of conditions. The Roof Mounted Mast has many practical applications and is currently used extensively in the Police and Fire Services, Command Vehicles and Commercial Industries.

The low profile Roof Mounted Mast system can be quickly installed on most passenger, 4X4, or light commercial vehicles, using custom designed aluminium roof mounting bars or easily mounted to the flat roof sections of Fire Vehicle body work. Available in 1.6m and 2.7m versions.

We offer the Roof Mounted Mast with a range of equipment including cameras, sensors, antennas, beacons and lighting units.

Standard Roof Mounted Mast Features:

  • Minimum roof drilling, and when using SMC custom roof bars no additional roof strengthening is usually required.
  • No intrusion into the vehicle.
  • Control and vehicle voltage lighting cables are enclosed within the mast on 12 & 24V lighting systems.
  • Integral air regulator system operating directly from the vehicle auxiliary air tank (built in compressor system optional).
  • Low weight, typically 50 kg.

Hilolite Roof Mounted Lighting Mast Features:

  • The Roof Mounted Lighting Mast comes complete with Pan & Tilt light head, with a number of LED & Metal Halide configurations.
  • Choice of 2 or 4 way light head in 110/220V or vehicle voltage Metal Halide lighting or LED.
  • Lights may be mounted to one side of the Roof Mounted Telescopic Mast head to prevent over hanging the vehicle sides or obstructing ladder stowage.
  • CCTV and antenna head-load options available
  • Roof Mounted Lighting Mast System has a compact design.

The Hilolite Roof Mounted Telescopic Lighting Mast is available in 24V for Commercial Vehicle applications such as Fire Appliances and Incident Command Vehicles. The unit is manufactured using laser-cut stainless steel chassis for long service life and finished in heavy-duty white powder coat finish. The heavy-duty hand held controller is waterproof and the switches allow all the mast functions to be operated by a gloved hand. On most of the Hilolite Roof Mounted Lighting Masts, the cables powering the mast head are enclosed inside the mast tubes. This ensure the safety of operators and offers a snag free system that works every time without fail. The unit is available in 12V for light vehicle use, including vans, 4X4’s and other car applications. The Hilotelite Roof Mounted Telescopic Lighting Mast is absolutely ideal when used with Pioneer™ Super-LED® Floodlights.  With modular construction, the Hilolite Roof Mounted Telescopic Lighting Masts could not be easier to maintain and service. It boasts fast and smooth 340° pan and tilt controls from a handset. It takes typically 11 seconds for full rotation and tilting of the lighthead. We can provide mast head mounted strobe or Super LED™ beacons if required. Available in a range of colours for a range of different vehicle. Lights can be easily installed in various configurations, including just on one side to clear ladders, and other roof mounted equipment. The Hilolite Roof Mounted Telescopic Lighting Mast  *raised* alarm will warn the driver, should the mast be raised while attempting to drive. It’s also possible to add an automatic stow, on handbrake release.

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