GRP Push-up Telescopic Mast Series

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GRP Push-up Telescopic Mast, features:

Strong GRP Construction

  • Maintenence Free
  • Special Non-Slip Torsional Locking Collars

Kit Consists Of:

  • Canvas kit bag
  • Guy kit, including hammer & stakes

Optional Extras

  • Rapid Deployment Vehicle Kit
  • Available in grey finish
  • Antenna mounting clamps
Extended Height6.1m (20ft)10m (33ft)
Retracted Height1.7m (5.6ft)2.35m (7.5ft)
Weight3kg (6.5lbs)6kg (13lbs)
Max. Headload8kg (17.5lbs)6kg (13lbs)
Base Tube Dia.50.8mm (2")57mm (2 1/4")
Top Tube Dia.30mm (1 1/4")30mm (1 1/4")
No. of Sections45

Download Spec Sheet/information PDF

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