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The PFC (Portable Push-Up Fibreglass Composite Mast) series of the telescopic masts have a base section diameter of 85.6mm and are operated by hand. The mast sections are made of a fibreglass/carbon fibre sandwich that gives a very light weight, durable mast. Each section has a locking collar and dampening valves that control the speed at which the mast is lowered. The mast is designed for portable applications such as mobile communication equipment.

PFC - Portable Push-Up Fibreglass Composite Mast

MastHeight ExtendedHeight RetractedNumber Of SectionDiameter Of Top SectionDiameter Of Base SectionVertical HeadloadMax. Wind Speed UnguyedMax. Wind Speed With Top GuysMax. Sail AreaBasic Weight Of Mast
PFC 99.022660.685.610N/A10014007*
PFC 1212.32.1850.685.69N/A8514009*

All dimensions are approximate

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