STORM-mastSouth Midlands Communications (SMC) have been successfully manufacturing masts for over 50 years, our telescopic masts in particular are renowned worldwide for superb performance in even the most hostile conditions.

Designed to meet stringent MIL-810G standards, the masts are lightweight yet tough, and are capable of supporting a wide range of head loads including antennas, cameras, lights, and much more!

The range includes models with maximum extended heights from 6 to 18 metres (20 to 60 feet), with a complete range of installation accessories for total mast system solutions.

Please contact us for a quote or for more information on what we can offer.

 Ext. Height mExt. Height ftRetra-
cted Height m
cted Height ft
Max Load Guyed kgMax Load Guyed IbMax Wind Fully Guyed kmphMax Wind Fully Guyed mphMax Sail Area m2Max Sail Area ft2Mast Weight/Winch
ST5-6619.71.85.90357712074.50.66.4521 + 5.5
ST5-9929.52.37.54357712074.50.66.4525 + 5.5
ST5-121239.42.99.51357712074.50.66.4529.5 + 5.5
ST5-151549.23.411.15 357712074.50.66.4533.5 + 5.5
ST5-1818593.912.79357712074.50.66.4537.5 + 5.5

All dimensions are approximate.

Diagram A
*NOTE: * Denotes variable Part Number.

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